Equinox Latam Game Awards 2022, winners, surprises and special moments

Equinox LATAM Game Awards 2022 Finally announced all the winners of the different categories, during the private event that took place in Mexico City this November 5 at Cey Battler . This gala despite making the main awards known, had the presence of managers, well executives of companies such Tencent, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, Solutions to Go, Turtle Beach, among others and w full of emotional moments.

Latin American video games

During the previous 30 minutes, the organizers presented exclusive content of Dream of Darkness by Javier Rayon , director of the game. This title seeks to address the issue of the loss of identity that indigenous communities live in Mexico collaborating with Nahuatl communities to tell stories that have been censored.

In the video presented, defender Nhua and Actor, Alberto Čeferin, presented the problem current Spanish.

The interesting thing about this title is that it seeks to help preserve the language and culture of the Nahuatl, well the Maya, for this purpose they are supporting the director of Culture and Historian, Bavaria Abb, a student of a doctorate at the University of Oxford in England.

Part of the conceptual art of this title will be bed directly from original codices such Minatitlán found in the National Library of France.

This game apart from linking several universities around the world to seek to show the beauty, wealth and diversity of pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico.

Dream of Darkness at the moment is still in the development phe.

Elden Ring sweeps the awards

The Title of From Software w the great winner of the event by accumulating 7 awards among which are:

  • Best Xbox video game
  • Best PC video game
  • Better RPG
  • Best Adventure Action video game
  • Best open world
  • Best soundtrack
  • And video game of the year

The surprises of Equinox LATAM Game Awards

At the beginning of the event, there w a spectacular introduction they made by the World Wrestling Council , within the Arena México . In this, Diana Monster and Hugo The Happy Lush went down to the ring the professional fighters do within the mythical enclosure with everything and the narration of the official voice of the Arena, Omar García .

Almost immediately to the presentation, the Mexican standers did not repair Roster to Aaron and Rubies , for his comments on Mexico, saying gold suit to see if now the Spaniards are encouraged to come.

Among the surprises within the presentations, there w interaction of the stars of the CMLL, Sorcerer, Stephanie Vaquero and Monitor with different presenters.

However, that the Souls style title swept almost all platforms, Horizon Forbidden West won the Best PlayStation video game awards and best game adapted to Spanish. Another of the surprises w the best mobile video game, award given by Meditation, here the title distributed by Tencent, Tower of Fanty w the winner.

One of the stellar moments w the presentation of the best indie video game, since Annapurna Interactive received the prize with a speech prepared by the protagonist of Stray .

Another of the most emotional events w the speech of José Aaron , CEO of Sun wolf Entertainment . Upon receiving the video game study award in Spanish, he recited I take this space to tell the other companies that invest in Latin America, because there is much, too potential and is not yet developed, there are many stories to tell, many visionaries and I k them that invest in them, and in their visions.

The best content creators of 2022

The Prize A Best YouTuber , the Mexican Federico and in the category of creator of prominent content, the native of the city of Monterrey, Arigameplays w the winner.

Others awards

Of the other categories the winners were:

  • Best Switch video game: Enfilade Chronicles 3

  • Action in España: l Luis Hurt ado
  • Action in Portuguese: Luiza Cpar
  • Portuguese study: pixel punk
  • Game adapted to Portuguese: The Lt of Us Part 1
  • Gaming event: Brazil Game Show

Cultivator: Multiverses
Battle Royale: Fortnite
Esport: Valorant
Racing: Fora Horizon
Sports: FIFA 23
Familiar: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Platformer: Cup head: The Delicious Lt Course
Narrative: Dusk Falls
Artistic direction: A plague tale requiem
Audio Design: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Game in progress: Final Fanty XIV
DLC: Monster Hunter Sun break
Remter: The Lt of Us Part 1

Definitely this second edition of the event w a great step to notice that in our region it is recognized highlighted in the world video game industry, from the cultural perspective and Latin American identity. Now it only remains to wait for the 2023 edition.