Wemade participates in the exhibition hall of G -Star 2022 with Life is Game

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-November 10, ‘Remade X G-Star 2022 Special Page’ Open

Remade will participate in the B2C and B2B exhibition halls with the theme of ‘Life IS GAME’ at the International Game Exhibition G-Star 2022, which will be held from the 17th to 20th.

First, the B2C booth consists of an experience zone and a stage where you can enjoy Remade and Remix with five senses.

In the experience zone, Mad Engine’s Night Crow and Remade XR’s Legend of Timer are first unveiled. In addition to blockchain games in the Remix play, we also have experience-based contents that can experience the Remix ecosystem such as DAO & NFT platform Nail, Life App Tangle and sneakers, and meths platform baggage.

On the other hand, on the stage, the general PD’s, who are leading the development of two new works, have time to talk about the game.

Remade secures 30 booths in the B2B building to continue business between companies. In addition to the IP projects and IP projects at home and abroad, we will discuss projects and investment discussions to expand the Remix ecosystem, and explain the current status of new development.

In addition, Gang Hyung will be a keynote speaker at the G-CON X IGC Conference. Gang Hyung will deliver the representation of Remade’s blockchain on November 18 with the theme of ‘New Paradigm: Intergame Economy and Meta Bus’.

In addition, on November 17, Remade Kim Seok-hwan, head of the Public Chain Division, will speak of the Remade Platform Strategy through the G-CON X IGC Conference. On the same day, SEO Tonsil, executive director of the business development sector, will provide a separate place for developers on the achievements of the Remix ecosystem, the performance play-on boarding, and the future direction.

Remade Gang Hyung said, I think it is very meaningful to be able to finish Win2022 as the main sponsor of Korea’s representative game show ‘G-Star 2022’. I will do it.

Meanwhile, Remade will unveil the Remade X G-Star 2022 Special page on November 10. On the special page, you can find more details about the various partners that make up the Remix ecosystem, including the G-Star 2022 entry and .