LOL: Who is the best champion in Late Game? The answer is not as obvious as it seems

There are many factors that determine the power of champions in League of Legends, but one of the most confused in the community is time. Most players tend not to understand which champions are good as the game advances and which ones diminish when we spend half an hour. A paradoxical case in this regard is that of Tristan, which exemplifies the problem for which the analysis occurs. As the champion gains level and over time is expected to be a big threat at the end of the game. However, its best phase in the game is the first 20 minutes. Champions are usually analyzed only for themselves .

The best League of Legends champions after 40 minutes of play

To try to find out what are the best League of Legends champions in the Late Game, we look at the statistics of the last 30 days at Rank Platinum or higher. A compilation of over 41 million matches where we analyze the results of each champion trying to find out which are the most successful as the clock reaches or exceeds the 40-minute mark. This short analysis offered some surprising results, with an undisputed leader we didn’t imagine, and certainly you didn’t expect it either.

Although tied in the table due to roundabouts, Ram mus is the undisputed king of League of Legends in the Late Game . He wins 56.8% of the games that end between 35 and 40 minutes, hardly suffering if the confrontation lasts slightly more. Quite surprising for a tank champion without infinite climbing or great mechanical. Only its high speed of motion and ability to cause passively damage when hit by opponents help us to explain its situation. In addition, the trend is very sharp. If the games last less than 20 minutes, it gains only 43% and from there, every second that passes its chances of victory.

In second position is Kyle , which on the middle route wins 56.78% of matches that exceed 40 minutes. This case was expected considering that except now that she is not experiencing her best moment, she was the best LOL champion for Late Game since before her Rework. Then there is Oran (56.3%) and Hagar (56.2%). It is interesting the case of tank, which has been working well since the beginning of the game and, although it suffers No’Mid-Game, offers a 50% victory rate even at its worst moments. However, your case is not the most surprising.

We gave the Zero an honorable 5th place, because although she is not the best game final champion overall, he is the the best scalability character in League of Legends . Its victory rate increases from 34.9% in games that last less than 20 minutes to 52.4% in lasting more than 40 minutes. It’s the biggest difference in the game at the moment, and this partly explains her poor performance: 86% of the matches she appears end before the 35th minute. In this sense, she simply has no time to shine.

As for the infinite plug champions, they are not that good in the late game. It is true that Hagar appears on the list and ASUS could appear there too, reaching 55.7% in 40 min. However, Senna is not up to the task, let alone Be’veto . It is true that emptiness is not among the worst champions of League of Legends after 30 minutes, but it is very close. Her increased attack speed does not prevent her from being a dominant champion at the beginning of the game, and she drops dramatically from performance by decreasing her 59.8% (min 20) to 47.8% (min 35) victory expectation. It is true that from that moment it has a good result again, although the increase over Late is lower than the average champion.