LOL: The category of champions hated by Riot that may never return to the game

The Game League of Legends, Mob the Riot Games, has evolved over the years and increasingly observed when comparing the most current Riot Games and those that occurred during the first stage of the title.

It is something that can be seen in almost every respect, but it stands out even more when we focus on the design of champions. There are some characters that were very important for the development of video games and today the developer would not even dare to launch a one of the most obvious examples is that of metamorphs.

The most hated champions by Riot Games

Metamorphs are all characters that can turn throughout the game. A wider category than it seems in which characters like Diego, Led or GEAR would fall.


However, when the League of Legends community or the developers themselves talk about this type of hero, they usually refer to three specific cases. We are talking about Elise, Jayce and Middle.

All of these can change shape at will from the first level of the game and have six basic spells. A way of working that Riot Games has not repeated for over ten years.

Due to this situation, a League of Legends fan decided to ask developers why they no longer did these types of champions.

Riot True of the Summoner’s Rift design team did not hesitate to respond to this player explaining that they were very difficult to create and capable of causing major long-term problems. Also, for many players, the lack of a final skill is a problem, which is usually the most satisfactory part of each character’s spell kit.

Therefore, it seems impossible for this type of character to return to the League of Legends. Over the past ten years, the developer has created new characters relatively similar to metamorphs that do not suffer from these problems. This is the case of gear or red’SAI, which have their definitive skill very marked and remarkable moments of emotion that do not depend on the realization of combos.