LOL – LEC: CAPS changes your nick to return to your best times

Photo: Lol Esports

In League of Legends we know the nickname or nick of the players better than their real name. If we tell you Drivers Live Malabo, BYU Minsk and Chen Wei, would you know who they are? They are Hulling, Beria and Gala, players of Mothers T1 and RNG respectively.


The choice of this name that will appear in the innovator crack is key, and with which professionals can go down in the history of the Mob after changing their name Caps, the G2 Mid later, this has decided to change again Nick In less than a year, so we will know him again as in the past.

A return to normal instead of a change or new invoked name

As we have seen in the Riot database, the nick of this talented player returns to what he had when he emerged both European and international events. The Danish changed the order of the capital letters and will be renamed Caps, after using caps for a year. For many players this is a mania or superstition, so we understand that after not having been expected with this nick, I want to return to past times.

Your Nick changes, an unsolved mystery

It is not yet clear why CAPS used Caps throughout 2022. The question was asked several times during the G2 ESports questions and answers as in the individual interviews that have been made to the player, but the Danish never wanted to give an answer Precise. Many theories have appeared in the networks, but today we still have no response, as well as their return to Caps.

We could say in a way that the Danish medium is a bit superstitious. Before changing Caps, I had a very complicated 2021. While the end of the 2022 season was not up to the expectations at the end of the year with the painful defeat in the LEC final, and be eliminated with a 1-5 in the World Cup, perhaps he needed to change again for Recover those vibrations of seasons in which it was nicknamed in Europe Baby Faker.