Warzone 2: Chat of proximity makes players become Uber and form a boy band

Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 is full of news to make players experience more fun. Among them the new map, the fortresses, but also the proximity chat that opens room for players to interact in the most unlikely ways as possible, by offering their services like Uber, or even forming a Backstreet Boys boy Band.

When a War zone 2 player turns Uber

Generally, when you start a War zone 2.0 match, you don’t expect to make friends with other players, as the main goal of this Battle Royale is obviously ending in the top 1, eliminating every1. However, sometimes there are some exceptions, such as Nick Crescendummain’s Reddit player, which is there to help alleged opponents.


Quite simple but ridiculously effective: conversation with squads and offers their services as a real Uber, and it’s enough to save a lot of time for players who need to move from one place to another.

Of course, when he approaches the other players and sees them starting to shoot, he retaliates quickly, but if they realize they are receptive, it offers their services as a true professional. He does not ask for money and, as we can see, Crescendummain only takes the main roads on the map, and a real Uber talks to his customers.

forming a Backstreet Boys Boy Band in War zone 2

On social networks, we see several videos in which we witness hilarious scenes thanks to the proximity chat present at Battle Royale. Between screams of fear, laughter or even songs, there is something for all tastes.

Recently, Big and, a very popular cameraman, but also a call of player, managed to renovate the true Backstreet Boys boy band. All this in an amazing presentation that featured other players.