Reports Kobe Bryants family requested Shaquille ONeals docuseries to minimize the amount of Kobe in movie

In a current interview, director Robert Alexander discussed how much Kobe Bryant will be included in the documentary. It was there that he discussed Bryant household’s request to reduce the quantity of screen time Kobe gets. As expected, Alexander gladly did what they asked.

Shaw is constantly aiming to take on brand-new endeavors, and his latest task is a documentary about his life titled Shaw. A variety of topics will be covered in the docuseries, including his relationship with Bryant.

In 2020, the NBA community was hit hard when news broke of the terrible passing of Kobe Bryant. A single person who was devastated by this was Kobe’s former teammate Shaquille O’Neal. While many believed Shaw and Kobe didn’t get along, the two shared a close bond.

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Shaquille O’Neal did the right thing by limiting Kobe Bryant content

One thing the household will have to accept is that Kobe will be a fixture at times offered his connection with Shaw. Shaw eventually left the Lakers in 2004 and joined the Miami Heat.

In a recent interview, director Robert Alexander touched on how much Kobe Bryant will be featured in the documentary.

While Shaquille O’Neal may have desired more time in the documentary to discuss Kobe Bryant, he did the right thing by accepting the household’s desires. As the director stated, in the end it’s a documentary about Shaw.


In 2020, the NBA neighborhood was struck hard when news broke of the awful passing of Kobe Bryant. While many thought Shaw and Kobe didn’t get along, the 2 shared a close bond.

Shaquille O’Neal can honor Kobe Bryant’s memory without making him a centerpiece in his documentary. Viewers will get a possibility to see how close the 2 legends were over the years.