The Ramattra hero looks like his tank powers in the new Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer

On the occion of the second seon of Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment h shown the new hero to join the characters from the next December 6. This is Mantra, a tank type fighter who delights players through a gameplay trailer, which you can visualize just on these lines.


According to the official description, Mantra h two distinctive ways, the chest form and the form of nemesis, which give you versatility to protect the equipment. if that were not, not enough, throughout this weekend a series of additional rewards have been offered, although it is still possible to get some of them, we indicated below:

login rewards:

  • From November 26 to 30: prominent play On the wind by Kirk.

Double of PE in the games:

  • From November 24 to 28.

Mantra, a warrior who reproves the war

Mantra w created for war, but the next hero of Overwatch 2 does everything possible to avoid weapons. Unfortunately, the fighter will have to resume violence to fight the oppressive enemy and protect his teammates. Appointed leader of the null sector, he will be in charge of sketching the martial strategy and guiding his companions of arms to the battle. Will they survive the bleeding? You can expect fierce struggles and death, much death.

Overwatch 2 h changed business model with respect to the first installment. Blizzard Entertainment h opted for free-to-play, that is, it is possible to download it for free, although it h microtransactions within the game. The title is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. It is not necessary to be subscribed to any of the online services to enjoy the title.