Sonic Frontiers details its free content roadmap by 2023: New story, characters.

Sonic Frontiers players are in luck; And it is that the new adventure of Sega’s blue hedgehog will be expanded throughout 2023 with a good handful of unpublished content, from a new story to new playable characters. And best of all, they will all be free. This h been announced by SEGA through an official statement in which it h shared a complete infographic a road map with the main novelties. All this through three major updates, the first at the beginning of the year, the second in the middle of the year and a third, the most complete, without date, although it could arrive for the first anniversary of the game.


Three great updates for Sonic Frontiers

Thus, the first update will arrive at the beginning of 2023 and will add a Granola to listen to the soundtrack of the game, a photo mode to get captures of the game and a new challenge mode with new challenges. The second update would arrive around June with new thematic content to celebrate the 32 years of the hedgehog, a new open zone challenge and a new Loco that will appear in Star fall Island.

Finally, the third great update should reach the end of 2023, probably, to celebrate the first year of the launch of Sonic Frontiers; And it will be the most ambitious update with new playable characters and, even more important, a new story created for the occion.

Do not miss our analysis of Sonic Frontiers, the best delivery of the saga in three dimensions-with Sonic Colors permission-from the clsic Sonic Adventure for Dream ct. Sega’s pet is an icon of the video game industry, and after many years with more lights than shadows, we can celebrate that finally stars a game at the height of its legacy. A strange, captivating and full of mysteries adventure, very well-designed and with a lot of things to do.