What do energy converters do in the Callisto protocol

For all Dead Space fans, The Callisto Protocol could be a good game to see, since it seems to mark many boxes in the genre of space horror.
You can gather many elements as you play, and it is not always evident what its real purpose is.

Here is what you can do with energy converters in The Callisto Protocol.

What to do with energy converters in the Callisto protocol

Here are some good news: energy converters have no use in the Callisto protocol apart from being sold by credits.
They are not used in any update recipe, nor are they required to progress in the game or access other areas in Black Iron Prison.
As he meets them, do not hesitate to sell them at a nearby Reforge station to get credits, which can then be used to improve their weapons even more.

How to get energy converters are not so common in the Callisto protocol, but you can often find them as objects collected throughout the prison.

It does not seem that you can obtain them as elements that fall from the bodies, so make sure to be attentive to them while exploring.
You will also find more valuable types of energy converters, such as pristine, while you continue playing.
In general, they are found in closed chests that must be opened with the blade, so you will also want to spend time exploring every corner and crack of the prison.
That is all you need to know about what energy converters do in the Callisto protocol.
Be sure to look for to get more tips and information about the game, including how to dodge, how to redeem your anticipated order articles and how to solve stuttering problems.


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