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The Bow Conducting Tips In The Callisto Protocol

Traveling around the prison, teeming with enemies in the Callisto Protocol, you will need to survive attacks using a mixture of near-battle and firearms.
To help you survive in this hellish nightmare, you need to know a few specific tips for playing the Callisto Protocol.
That is why we have prepared this leadership with all advice for beginners so that you can fully enjoy The Callisto Protocol from the very beginning.

aim in the limbs, not in the head

Unlike a zombie, enemies in Callisto Protocol are simply infected/mutated neighbors around the room, so you do not need to aim.
Instead, focus on shooting at their limbs, as this immobilizes them, which will allow players to destroy them much faster.

Use your ammunition wisely

Like many other horror games for survival, Callisto Protocol does not provide its players with much ammunition.
The lack of ammunition corresponds to history, since Jacob is in the Black Iron prison, where the prisoner does not have access to any weapon.
To preserve ammunition for big battles, make sure that you use the GRP mechanism added to the combat system.
GRP allows Jacob to throw enemies into the surrounding dangers, such as spikes or mechanisms that can instantly kill the enemy.

stomp on the fallen enemies

Jacob can stomp the defeated enemies to get additional prey.
This is especially useful for players, since it will allow you to get objects that you have few, such as ammunition or health.
Although this may require additional time, consider this a job relief, which gives you several awards.

Promote the evasion

Due to the lack of ammunition and resources, players are often forced to engage in close battle.
This requires them to evade, because if they do not, the game will become much more difficult.
As in other games, Callisto Protocol also does not offer the player to dodge, so you must practice evasion in order to accurately calculate the time.
Players can get the perfect evasion if they correctly calculate the time, which is difficult, but feasible.
Although this is not easy, you must press the evasion button for only a second before the enemy strikes you.
This will cause a delayed traffic segment, where players can deliver a response with a powerful counterattack.
Nevertheless, do not worry that you cannot commit the perfect evasion, because the standard evasion works just as well.


As it was discussed earlier, since the game almost does not supply players with ammunition and treatment, it is important to return and explore each room to collect supplies.
Pay attention to the names of the rooms, since sometimes you will come across rooms with the inscription supplies, cabinets or storage.

In these rooms there will be supplies and caches, which will allow you to stock up.


adhere to two types of weapons

If you have collected enough loans, visit you to cross, and from time to time improve your weapon.
This is an optional, but important mechanism, because, as in many other horror games for survival;
Enemies become stronger and deadly during the game.
To effectively manage the expenditure of loans, first improve your baton and GRP, and drive the rest on a long-range weapon that you purchased in the game.
This will help you make a safer choice regarding which weapon you should update in the first place.
Choose the weapon that you prefer and focus on its improvement instead of spending loans on a weapon that you hardly use.