Call of duty

Warzone 2: Half-Season Patch Notes, Bug Corrections, Balances And More. Battle Royale And MW2s Mid

As reported by Infinity Ward developers, this half-season update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: War zone 2 ings content to both titles, with new features and, above all bug correction.

NOTE OF THE Mid of Season 1 Patch


This limited time mode puts two teams from three operators in the Al Easily field, where one of the rivals of Al March Football Club is located.
They will have special impulse atvs to push a huge soccer ball to the goal of the opposing team.
Collect and play shock sticks to block your opponents or drive through enemy vehicles to disturb them.
The first team to score five goals, or the team with more goals when the five-minute timer expires, wins the game.


The XP tokens menu has changed to show the remaining time on your xp tokens on the lobby screen
XP tokens can now be equipped in the game’s eak menu
XP tokens can no longer be accidentally activated during double XP events
Players who enter a game in progress will not suffer one more defeat if your team loses the match
Annexes now have an adjustment icon in the view, indicating which can be adjusted and which
Final movements now count for the daily challenge of 30 third-person deaths in special operations
The Challenges of the Adhesive Book on the Post-action Report Screen are now entitled Business Card Challenge
Operator bios are no longer cut in the middle of the flow
Acquisition of a new Blueprint now displays a pulsed point next to the associated weapon in Gunsmith
Players no longer see a black screen on some platforms when trying to buy PCs
Several problems with the unlocking and progress of weapons and attachments were resolved, including the display of statistics
Hub guides and mixed friends
Changed for smaller players map widgets to friends
Added Shipping Support in Lot/Mass of Friendship Requests
Corrected several bugs that affected the functions Join and/or Invite to Party
Transition to a grid view when traveling the list of friends
Camera positions in operators have been adjusted for better positioning with the user’s interface
Filter/classification adjustments
Player owser correction so as not to roll more when not full
Fixed a problem where the business cards did not appear in a player’s showcase after they put them
Fixed a problem where players were not correctly classified by progress in the player’s owser
Hidden us from proposes in the inspection of weapons when there are no props inserted
States from the List of Adjusted Members (Mute, Speaking, Online, etc.) for greater clarity
Adjusted the status of text messages on the game channel to make it clearer to whom they were sent
Players on the members list will now be divided by team on lobbies
Fixed a problem where lobby players could still be heard when connected to a custom channel
Added the text chat capacity with members of a group
Find or create communities with this new social resource.
To learn more, check out the latest blog


  • With a built-in suppressor and subsonic ammunition.300 BLK slow and high energy, the chimera is adept at melee combat.
    Subsonic ammunition hides the enemy team’s slaughtering skulls
  • Unlockable via weapon challenge or store package
    Weapon adjustments
  • Akimbo P890, X12, Basilisk e.50 GS received damage reduction against armored opponents
  • Fixed a problem in which shotguns were inconsistently displayed the marker of a oken armor
    Robbery rifles


  • Low reduction of melee damage;
    Three shots to kill require at least one shot in the chest.


  • Under barrel launcher and block shotgun on a 7 ien B-M20 pipe

Pastor 545

  • Increased muzzle speed
  • Light decrease in hip spacing
  • Close increased damage
  • Increased chest damage multiplier
    Machine guns


  • Higher movement speed, Ads speed and 32 cartridge charger firing speed.

Level 46

  • Reduced hip scattering
  • Higher movement speed
  • Increased damage from afar


  • Basilisk plywood and flash Hyde in the barrel FTA arrow
  • Added the use of pipe assembly in the pipe FTA Arrow: Lock shot KT85, SA Leveler 55, Cronin Dark Kx30


  • Reduced hip scattering
  • Increased damage range
  • Increased neck damage multipliers at the top of the shoulder
  • Increased bullet speed
  • The Highest range of damage to weapons SA Longshot-50 and SA Tyrant Fifty
  • Shots can no longer kill players with complete armor with a single shot.

Expedition 12

  • Addition of a category of guard:
  • CF40 TV guard
  • AZ-40 Shot guard
  • Aaron T15

Antibiotic Shield

  • Reduced motion speed
  • Reduced melee damage to 3 hits.
  • Enhanced shield movement animation
  • Longer exchange time to remove Throwing Knife when Riot Shield is equipped


  • The missiles no longer land off the limits when aiming at a wall on the edge of a map.
  • Thermal readability improved when pointing

Vehicle Balance Adjustments

  • Reduced collision damage received by the heavy helicopter, especially when landing
  • Increased UTV health and damage resistance
  • Increased Damage to Falling ATV and UTV
  • Added rotation speed of the custom tower to APC, light tank and heavy tank
  • Increased IA damage to both VLT versions
  • Reduced the distance that boats can be directed when completely out of water
  • Adjusted vehicle outputs to limit the chance of not being able to get out of sharp slopes
  • Players will no longer receive the countdown out of boundaries count when taking a vehicle to the restricted area of an enemy in the land war and leaving the area
  • Fixed a problem where the player would continue to see the countdown if he entered a vehicle outside the area
    Visibility of friendly players
  • ands of friendly players disappear when an enemy is on the way straight from an ally, to avoid confusing enemies with allies
  • In Tier 1 mode, this change applies only to allies behind a geography.
    Allies in the line of vision will still display identification signs to avoid friend fire
    Kill streaks
  • Players who were killed in unique lifestyles with reviving skills, such as Knock Out, will no longer be marked as active players when using Cruise Missile, Gunship or Gunship
    Strategic package
  • Fixed a problem that allowed players to appear in a position occupied by a package of care, resulting in immediate death
    Nuclear bomb
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from calling MGB as they swam underwater
  • Juggernaut now alternately alternate between minigun and pistol upon entering and leaving the water
  • Explosive weapons that attach to juggernaut (such as Semtex, Drill Charge, etc.) should now cause more damage to him
  • Fixed a problem where Juggernauts sometimes died of a single throwing knife at level 1
    Strategic bombing
  • Fixed a problem that prevented explosions from causing damage to neutral vehicles or occupied by enemies
    Automatic tower
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Sentinel cannons to be placed under the map in certain locations
    Combat Improvements
    Portable radar
  • Portable speed cameras can now join vehicles
    Radiation blockade
  • Now it prevents this equipment from being used when performing several actions, such as inserting armor
  • This should correct some problems in which players no longer have their weapons or cannot interact with objects

Grenades of Termite

  • Grenades of The mite no longer persist in a player who was blocked, died and resurfaced again

Thermal Glasses

  • Increased the reach of all thermal target ID optics
  • The heat signature of enemies disappears when dead

-Freedom Prime-90

  • Improved thermal image quality for better target acquisition (including Battle pass Baseless Vitus XMR)

-Ten Angel-40

  • Fixed scorer to fit the GS.50 lens

-SZ Homeotherm

  • Greater contrast of optic thermal rendering for better target acquisition
  • Added Thermal Sailor Function

-Term optic X9

  • Greater contrast of optic thermal rendering for better target acquisition
    Bug corrections

  • Fixed a problem that caused the game customer to freeze by unlocking the A15 sector in the battle pass

  • Fixed a problem where reward views did not appear as expected when navigating the battle pass
  • Fixed an audio cut problem when skidding
  • Fixed the attack with the fists causing the players to lean out of the vehicles
  • Fixed a Dolby Atmos data problem where some sounds did not reach the ceiling speakers
  • Audio occlusion remains disabled in multiplayer mode while investigating continuity problems that affect some players

War zone 2.0


  • General lighting and shadow improvements at various important points of interest in Al March

Building 21 New Area

  • New mysterious keys arrived in Al March… But where do they take?
  • Limited information on access to the biological laboratory known as Building 21 will take players out of Al March and to a new Hyperperigosa area of DMZ.


Battle Royale adjustments
Fortaleza and Dark Website Ai
The number of active fortresses increased from 3 to 5.
AI fighters
Bullet damage reduced by 26%.
Number of units per site reduced by 50%.
Additional discounts based on Squad Size
AI hunting reinforcements
Folded time between waves
Number of units per wave reduced by 30%__
Danger zone
AI fighters now have additional armor
Rewards an updated version of Stronghold Drone that sweeps twice as much farther and approximately 30% faster
DMZ adjustments

Values in cash

  • General changes in values
  • Changes in cash rewards for contracts
  • Container generation rate
  • Increased self-dealing, gas masks and field buffs in med kits
  • People with increased plates, backpacks and land updates in weapons
  • Decreased electronic components in computer towers
  • Reduction of toothpaste in remedy cabinets
  • Decreased the number of items found in black markets
    Ask for help
  • Eliminated players can now request help from enemy players, allowing them to join the enemy squad as a new member
    XP tokens
  • Now it can be activated in the main menu of the lobby
    Random benefits
  • By successfully extracting several times in a row, players gain random advantages for their next infiltration.
    Medium and large backpacks
  • They now allow you to add a third slot to a weapon.
    Faction missions
  • Descriptions were improved for greater clarity.


Explosive drone

  • Players with 3 armor plates on the outer radius of an explosion will survive, but will suffer critical damage

DMZ radiation lock

  • Now it prevents the equipment from being used while performing several actions, such as inserting armor plates

Packages of advantages

  • Standard loadouts have been updated.
    Quality of life

Out of bounds

  • The time allowed outside the game area was increased to 10 seconds

Revive alert player

  • A sound will be reproduced to alert the nearby players when a player is revived
  • When a player drops a gun, the corresponding ammunition also falls to the floor.
    When moving, this ammunition will be automatically looted if other players with a partial pile of the same type of ammunition steps on it
    Terrestrial withdrawal
  • We improve floor looting priority to facilitate interaction with the desired items
    Purchase stations
  • Items purchased from purchase stations will appear scattered instead of stacked to facilitate interaction.
    GULAG’s elimination alert
  • A sound is touched to notify the team when a Gulag member eliminated an opponent or was eliminated.
    User interface
  • Although previously announced, War zone 2.0 Combat Records will not be released with Season 01 Reloaded due to concerns about the accuracy of the data population.
    However, we continue to work on this feature and implement the classification tables and will provide an update as soon as it is available.
    Bug corrections

  • Corrected several problems that prevented the players’ identification plates from being displayed during the exhibition

  • Corrected collision problems with various elements of Al March, allowing players to mine, stare or shoot through them
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from listening to the drone of the bomber’s drone at the intended intervals
  • Fixed a problem in which the enemy’s progress bar marking its squad did not fully fill in when interrogated
  • Fixed a problem that caused black bars to appear at the top and bottom of the screen
  • Fixed a problem where players and AI fighters were not displayed correctly during a match
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from changing custom loadouts while they were in the shooting field
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from ping in discarded uploads
  • Fixed a problem that made players stand further from their team than intended when an evasion was active
  • Fixed a problem where weapons did not work correctly when left and collected on the train
  • Fixed a problem that made the daily challenges overlap to the Squad window
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from interacting with withdrawal while crouching or lying
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the reproduction of the circle closing count after opening the tactical map.


  • Fixed a problem that made a Dark Site Poi follow the players farther from the Dark Site than
  • Fixed a problem in which the reward contract IU remained on the screen after a player was assimilated
  • Fixed a problem where the Supply Perk user interface did not display their progress bars correctly
  • Fixed a problem that caused the alternative text to be displayed instead of players’ IDs
  • Fixed a problem that allowed players to use most vehicles as they leaned out the window
  • Texture problems corrected in several destroyed vehicles
  • Fixed a problem that allowed players to use a finalization movement on their own teammate after a Gulag victory
  • Fixed a problem that made the screen blink if a player tried to return to the main menu during the victory phase at the end of a match
  • Fixed a problem that caused the game customer to freeze or be removed from the match when interacting with the purchase stations
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the option of disarming consistently from interacting with bombs in fortresses
  • Fixed a problem that prevented eliminations from appearing in the death feed
  • Fixed a problem that prevented notifications from appearing in the death feed when friendly players were slaughtered
  • Problem correction that prevented players using keyboard and mouse from sending items to the tactical map
  • Fixed a problem that led players to install the campaign content for a player when trying to get in line with Battle Royale playlist modes
  • Fixed a problem that caused the incorrect position of the match to be displayed on the screen after eliminating a squad of players
  • Fixed a problem in which players did not pass through the state down while they had a revived pistol
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from interacting with the starting options, including viewer, replay with Squad, Replay and leaving the game
  • Fixed a problem that caused the contract to fail by eliminating the person of interest to Dark Site with a vehicle, kill streak or bomb drone
  • Fixed a problem where the weapons selections were standardized for M4 or P890 when changing custom loads
  • Fixed a problem that made the game customer stop by owsing the Playlist options in War zone 2.0
  • Fixed a problem that had an impact on performance by trying to owse the social menu during a live match
  • Fixed a problem that made the reserved space images appear in the vehicle’s customization menu
  • Fixed a problem that made the engine sound of some vehicles disappear during driving
  • Fixed a problem that made the screen tremble during live matches
  • Fixed a problem that allowed players to maximize money by interacting with floor looting
  • Fixed a problem that caused Tactical Gear to be rendered incorrectly when using the Gromyko operator’s Strong cover
  • Fixed a problem that allowed players to avoid drowning while holding a reviver gun in their hand
  • Fixed a problem that allowed a player

Correction of a problem that made disconnected correspondence messages appear in the death feed
Fixed a problem that allowed the slaughtering caches to DMZ to tell Battle Royale’s mastery challenges
Fixed a problem where some blueprints were not usable in DMZ
Fixed a problem where lethal and tactical equipment did not count for faction missions during mining
Fixed a problem where some use prompts did not work correctly for some faction missions
Fixed a problem where the hunting squad contract rewarded in cash when the target squad was exiled
Fixed a problem in which confidential documents of the Caved In mission were not usable
Fixed a problem where nuclear material protection contract caches sometimes appeared in blocked areas
Fixed a problem in which destroyed reinforcement helicopters could not be reliably tracked in faction missions
Fixed a problem where the mission of the arms locator was not tracking correctly
Fixed a problem where players could not see the Tier 3 missions for Legion or White Lotus and Tier 4 missions for Black Mouse
Fixed a problem where kill streak removal missions followed progress by using any kill streak in any game mode
Fixed a problem in which the progress of some missions was redefined when unmarked and selected again
Fixed a problem where the delay supplies contract loads did not cause damage
Fixed a problem that prevented players from correctly destroying certain smuggled weapons
Fixed a problem that caused some keys and informative notes to disappear randomly after a few minutes of play