It is impossible to recover the character of Sigourney Weaver from the first Avatar movie for obvious reons, but the veteran actress is one of the interpreters who return for the sequel.
Avatar: The sense of water, leads us to a world full of fanty creatures, which develops mainly in water.
In an international press conference that Meditation h attended, Weaver h reflected his character, nothing more and nothing less than a teenager.
To prepare, he even went to school.
Fortunately, there w a connection.
When we spoke for the first time in 2010 we came up with this idea: a girl who feels comfortable in the forest with creatures, flora and fauna.
But I think Jim [James Cameron] wanted to create a complex character.
The mythical protagonist of Alien points out that Kirk is a character who h wonderful things, but also some defects.

visiting the Institute

In Avatar: The sense of water, Sigourney Weaver is put in the skin of this girl, which is additional challenges: I loved having the opportunity to play a character that I consider a real teenager in many ways.

The mixture of emotions seized her, emotion and even a certain terror.
Fortunately, there h been a lot of time to prepare, I have gone to institute clses and other places, so he h been able to discover that between the age of 12 and 15 there is a great variety among adolescents.


At the moment I w there I have simply enjoyed leaving my shell behind and becoming this, sometimes brat.
Avatar: The sense of water h reached cinem on December 16.
According to Jon Landau, producer of the film, nobody must wait for Disney+to arrive soon, since his intention is to treat this project an experience to enjoy in Sal.
With regard to the issues, James Cameron h chosen to tell a family-centered story and its diversity.