Alba Berlin is unfortunate in Monaco

Alba Berlin has struggled in their campaign to win the Euro league this season. They have, however, had some success when they have played in Monaco.

This year’s Euro league stays a bleak pavement for Alba Berlin.
In Monaco, too, the albatross eventually went out empty which regardless of great efficiency.

With 89:92 (44:52) the master lost unfortunate and therefore collected the l Ltd bank in the existing Euro league season.
The Berlin’s bottom of Europe’s elite class remains.
With 15 points, Tim Schneider was the best in the team of head coach Israel Gonzalez, who had to do without the Center Christ Pomade and YAGNI Wetzel due to illness.
It was lively to play a rousing battle, in which the Monegasques always pulled away, however Alba was always rank am once again and in the meantime even in the lead.


A sticking point seemed after half-time when the group of ex-Alba gamer and coach NASA Abramovich settled in double digits and eventually might not be taken away despite the furious catch-up of the guests.
He failed more remarkable than the Monegasques would have wished, due to the fact that one ultimately needed a Buzzer therapist from far out through Elie Kobe to 92: 89 triumph.