Pokemon Go: The Differences Between Events and Field Research

Recently, a new Pokémon Go event has premiered with the winter holidays. This article will break down the difference between events and field research.

Gamers all over the world start to see the snow in themselves Pokémon Gomez, where the event winter vacations have begun to go live.
With numerous new Pokémon to capture and battle, finding a few brand-new shiny Pokémon on the planet is ample to make the players delighted for the time being.
Nevertheless, among the most exciting parts of a brand-new event is field research study. This ends up being alive.


To be able to satisfy some tasks to make an exceptional benefit is constantly a fantastic sensation and the fans will not be dissatisfied with the existing deals.

All field research study tasks and rewards in Pokémon Go Winter Season Holiday Part 1

Gamers who hope in the tundra have to look after some jobs this time, and for gamers who want to hunt their ideal glossy Pokémon, this could be an excellent chance to do this.
The players can see all the presently available field research study jobs and rewards below, together with all glossy Pokémon chances that they can discover throughout their encounters.
In addition to a new slaughterhouse against Mega Goalie, players can find numerous brand-new beasts in the wilderness during this occasion, let some excellent Pokémon slip out of eggs and far more.
There is even a special research ticket that runs $5. This offers the gamers many new items and even an avatar posture.
In general, a far better deal than the current Elder ticket this caused a little controversy within the Pokémon Go community.
Pokémon Go is now readily available on mobile gadgets.
– This article was upgraded on December 15, 2022