1. FC Bocholt Fears Stricter Stadium Regulations from West German Football Association


At the season conference, the clubs were just recently notified about the strategies to tighten up the arena guidelines.
The application due date for the season 2023/2024 ends on March 31 and at one or the other club, apparently still requires to be dealt with.
A minimum of the 1. FC Bolt has already openly announced its issues.
These other infrastructural modifications, said the promoted group on Wednesday on his homepage, are associated with high monetary burdens that the association will not have the ability to manage alone.

The club attempted to discussion: After the already excellent discussions between the city of Bolt and the association with regard to the structure license in the stadium at the Hunting, a relying on exchange of both sides was likewise held, in which the person responsible for 1. FC Bolt was concerned
Have a look at the specs of the WDFV.

steps in the standing location

What circles the called issues?
According to the adapted statutes, which obviously also use to the promoters, there must be actions for spectators in the standing location.
No spectators will no longer be placed on sloping yards or hills overgrown with yard in Bolt am Hünting-Dürfen from the coming season.
The West German Football Association wants to avoid injury on the possibly slippery soil-and 1. FC Bolt is now stressed, particularly since the floodlight system may also need to be renewed.
The club’s designer, it is said in the statement, is now working on plans that fulfill the new requirements.
And overall, they do not only extend on the floodlight system and standing area.
In the future, it must no longer be possible to define an alternative arena.
The specified place should be completely local league and meet all requirements.
To change to another arena for games with unique security requirements is no longer allowed.
Exception: A club changes the arena for the entire season.
In addition, an exception rule applies if your own stadium demonstrably satisfies the criteria during the season.
In order to more promote professionalization, the press offices should likewise be enhanced.
According to the new guidelines from the coming season, they should have an internet access-and covered.
Essential for live broadcasts: The clubs have to make sure that no longer any pillars trigger disabilities.