Travel Quickly with Hogwarts Heritage of the Place of Fire Flame: Exploring the Map of the World, Hogsmid, and Hogwarts

With the Karin flame Hogwarts’s Heritage you can quickly cover the three main regions: the map of the world, Hogs mid and Hogwarts.
These areas are full of lush green farms, castles and much more.
All this attracts the attention of players;
However, it is difficult for players to travel from one place to another, as it takes a lot of time.
Here Flew Flames comes to your aid.
In this leadership, everything you need to know about players about the quick movement and use of fireplace flame in the Hogwarts Heritage will be discussed.

How rapid movement works in the Ho tarts Heritage

Given the enormous size of the world Hogwarts Heritage, it can be a difficult task to go on foot, at least until you get a flying broom.
However, the game relatively facilitated the life of the players, presenting the function of quick movement, with which they can move from one end of the card to the other in a matter of seconds.
The fast movement function Hogwarts Heritage, or moving through the fireplace flame in the world of Harry Potter, is easy to use and has many advantages.
You can unlock it at the beginning of the game, immediately after your first night in Hogwarts.
Players in this quest will meet Professor Weasley as soon as they leave the common room.
Professor Weasley will direct the players to their first fireplace flame.
Finding a fireplace flame is relatively easy, as you can find it throughout the map.
Activated are painted green;
However, those that need to be activated are painted gray.
Players need to visit their location for those who are not activated;
Fortunately, players do not need to interact with them, since they will be unlocked by just visiting the location.


So, when the players meet with Professor Weasley, she will direct them to their first location of the chimney.
As soon as the players reach the area, intrastate training begins on their use.
After that, players can open a map and choose a place where they want to go using fast movement.
The use of quick movement inside or outside Hogwarts is free, therefore, if you are tired of running, you can always use a fireplace flame to get to remote areas.
The Hogwarts Heritage map facilitates the players access to this fire.
Although most of them are on the maps, some of them are behind the doors.
To get to them, you must fulfill some quests the first.

location of the chimney Heritage of Hogwarts

Always increase the scale of the card when looking for a chimney, as this will help you in the Hogwarts Heritage.

The flame on the map of the world is easy to find.
Nevertheless, those that are in Hogwarts are difficult, and players should carefully look for them, since there is a chance to skip them.
All places of quick movement of chimneys are already marked on your map with gray icons.
You just need to approach the place, and it will be unlocked, and the icon will change to green.
If you have problems finding a certain location of the fireplace flame, contact our cards.
You can also open your in-game map, mark the point of fast movement as a waybill and allow the game to deliver you there.

Map Hogwarts

Astronomical wing
Astronomical tower
Charm class
Tower of protection against dark arts
Protection class from dark arts
Professor Fig
Preobrazhensky class
Preobrazhensky yard
The wing of the bell tower
The courtyard of the bell tower
Flying lawn
Class of animals
Hogwarts northern exit
Western tower
Big staircase
Big staircase
Big staircase tower
Lower front staircase
Four-seater yard
Tower of Ravenclaw
General room of Route Rural (accessible only for claws)
Trophy room
Big hall
Big hall
The common room of Hufflepuff (available only for Hufflepuff)
Viaduct courtyard
Library app
Central hall
Fortune-telling class
Class of potions
Secret rooms
Southern wing
Hourly tower in the yard
Faculty of Tower
Hospital wing
Hogwarts southern exit

Hogs mid

  • Northern Hogs mid
  • Southern Hogs mid
  • Western Hogs mid

World map

Swamp of the Northern Ford
San Baker Tower
East North Ford Swamp
Swamp Northern Ford
forbidden Forest
Gala grave
Western Forbidden Forest
Entrance to the swamp of the North Ford
Valley Hogs mid
Upper Hogs field
Castle Alberto
Eastern Valley Hogs mid
Northern region of Hogwarts
Coins Borrow
A collector’s cave
Eastern north of Hogwarts Region
Southern region of Hogwarts
Lower Hogs field
Lunar calf lamp
Forbidden Forest
Hogwarts Valley
Western valley Hogwarts
Central Valley Hogwarts
Kin bridge
The eye of the mine
Field croft region

  • Northern Beecroft
  • Field croft
  • Field croft catacombs
  • Southern Beecroft
  • Rook wood castle
  • Iron dale
    Swamp of the South Sea
  • Northern swamp of the South Sea
    Coastal cave
  • Eastern swamp of the South Sea
  • Northern coast of Swedish
  • The grave of betrayal
  • Castle Potter
  • Cave of Mount Phoenix
  • Southern coast of Swedish
  • Bridge Marvin
    Lake Marvin
  • Coastal mine
  • Ruins Marunvima
  • Marvin
  • Lake Marvin
  • Tunnel of the tower
    Manor cape
  • Edinburg
  • West-Manor-Cape
  • Craggcroft shore
  • Crag croft
    Lamar coast
  • Lamar castle
  • Lamar coast