Unfassbar! Spieler erreicht Level 2000 in TIBIA – Nur 15 andere haben es weltweit geschafft!


The mmorpg tibia is one of the oldest MMORPGs and likewise comes from Germany.
Now a gamer has actually done the 2000th level.
An overall of 16 players have reached this level with him.
In Tibia, another individual has actually reached Level 2,000.
Our colleagues from mmorpg.org.pl are quite sure that it should be a Polish compatriot, since the name of the character and belonging to a guild alone promote it.
This makes Blind the 16th gamer who has actually reached Level 2,000.
In Europe, he is even the fourth individual, because everybody else comes from South American nations.

The 17th individual is simply level 1903 and will still require a bit of how the magical brand will likewise crack.

The German Tibia offers everlasting progress and no restriction

What is special about level 2,000?
There is no level optimum in the mmorpg tibia, such as in WoW.
In theory, you can level as long as you want without the game to end.
However, the further you progress, the more experience points you need to climb up.
To get 1,500 level, a player required about 13 years.
On top of that, death in the game is pricey, due to the fact that it loses valuable experience points and also level levels.
A player had exploited this and had it killed 300 times to get a success.
He has threatened weeks of grind.
Tibia is still active today: Tibia is from 1997 and is still played by a faithful neighborhood today.
The video game depends on 2D graphics and is no longer one of the most lovely games.
Thousands of players log in every day and the designers still diligently distribute updates for the German MMORPG.
After 12 years, gamers had just recently found a secret employer that nobody had actually never ever found.
And specifically since of such little information, gamers log in to Tibia every day.
The video game Tibia understands nearly everybody in South America, particularly in Brazil.
This is also why you can find nearly solely people from South America amongst the 16th players.
Interview with Tibia: In an interview, the developers from Regensburg told Mango what made it so effective and that the start was not simple:
German MMORPG is just thriving: At the start we were laughed at