Choose Wisely: Should You Go to Hogsmeade with Natty or Sebastian? | Hogwarts Legacy

Keep in mind: Little spoilers follow!
We do not reveal what the associated mission looks like and goes out.

in ‘Welcome to Hogsmeade’ you are faced with the election

  • Which quest is it about?
    ‘ Welcome to Hogsmeade’
    After you as a witch or magician at the introductory ceremony with the choice of your house already have the hardest decision behind you, it doesn’t take long and the next one is coming up.
    In the main quest ‘Welcome to Hogsmeade’, Teacher Weasley sends you to the magical town of Hogsmeade to get missing school matters.
    You are totally brand-new in Hogwarts, which is why you should take a buddy with you at your request.
    Here you can choose in between NASA ‘Natty’ OAI (Gryffindor) and Sebastian Sallow (Slytherin), which you currently be familiar with in the very first lessons.

Natty or Sebastian?

Now the question occurs as to what distinction it does to be accompanied by Natty or Sebastian.
The brief response: almost none.
The quest runs identically with both, and you do not require anticipating any vital consequences for the later course of the video game or perhaps completion.
Just the person in your corner is different, which gives you other background details in discussion.
Considering that you will spend much more time later thanks to the buddy missions with both, you will be familiar with them better anyway.
Choose easily whether you choose to go to Hogsmeade with Natty or Sebastian.
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Rowling continues to be actively visible through anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policy in UK.
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For the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, the action role-playing video game comes out on February 10, 2023.
Versions for PS4 and Xbox One follow-on April 4, while switch players need to be client up until July 25th.
Which of the 2 did you select and why?

In Hogwarts Legacy, she likewise faces decisions from time to time that have more and less strong repercussions.


So you have to decide early in the story whether you make your way to Hogsmeade with Natty or Sebastian.
Check out on now if you desire to understand how your answer will work.